Do You Like Instrumental Guitar Rock, That’s Played With Feeling, And Which Is Musically Diverse And Technically Accomplished? If So, Guitar Virtuoso Elmo Karjalainen Might Be Your Next Favourite Guitarist.

Now is your chance to download two songs from his latest album “Age of Heroes” for FREE! Is it any good? A lot of people seem to think so (see below). Money would be guaranteed back, except there’s no money involved. It’s all free. This is technical guitar playing, but with an emphasis on music. So just fill in your info on the right, and download now.

Listen to what others are saying about Elmo:

ad-8”[He] is very, very good” – Yngwie Malmsteen

“[Age of Heroes is] probaly one of the best guitar orientated, blues infused, soul searching pieces of instrumental beauty in the past 10 years” – We Rock Webzine

“[Age of Heroes] is probably the best shred album since Joe Satrianis Surfin’ With The Alien that will make you want to burn your own guitar & break your fingers so you could never play again. It really is that good.” –

“Karjalainen injects the record with so much passion, melody, wit and – most vitally – downright good songs that it’s well worth checking out for rock fans. Meanwhile guitar geeks won’t be disappointed as the playing is top notch from start to finish, with plenty of technical wizardry and flurries of notes to go with the intense feeling in the music.” – Rock And Roll Traffic

10/10 –

“From start to finish…this is one jaw-dropper of an album and full of astounding highlight moments in musicianship. If you like to hear real skill and the perfect love of the musical craft on full display…and you dig on instrumental-rock…do yourself a huge favour and go pick up The Free Guitar Album – you need this one.” – Jer @ SleepingBagStudios

“Throughout the album you can certainly hear  Steve Vai, Jeff Beck, Joe Satriani, and other influences but overall, Elmo Karjalainen’s own unique style and impressive guitar playing skills break through. He will certainly take you on a journey you won’t soon forget. Highly Recommended. Don’t miss out on this one.” – Garnett Research

“The song structures on The Free Guitar Album” are intelligent and evolve in unpredictable ways, but are never too complex for the listener’s ears. He delivers hard-rocking riffs and wicked tones, while maintaining a clear melodic sense and integrity that makes the compositions come to life. Elmo Karjalainen’s songs are very well thought out; not the endless repetitive licks you hear from so many others. His sound is unique and very inventive.” –

“[The Free Guitar Album] is one fantastic instrumental album that sounds better with each subsequent listen and you should grab this great slab of music, you really have nothing to lose….  after all, it’s for free.” Barking Dog – The Dog’s Space

This truly is guitar music worth checking out. A reviewer for The Ripple Effect put it like this: “On his new release, Unintelligent Designs, a sixteen track solo shot over the bow of the rock mothership, Elmo establishes himself as an elite world class rock guitar master […]. Unintelligent Designs is an Elmo coming out party of sorts.  It begs you to listen and, if you do, if you listen critically, even if you are not a guitarist, you will come away impressed.  I’m adding Elmo Karjalainen to my guitar Gods list, right up there with the 100 that made Rolling Stone’s list.”

Elmo’s guitar playing is both technical and soulful, and at times humorous. His music is diverse, but still manages to stay true to the tradition of guitar masters like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, and Jeff Beck.

For a limited time Elmo is giving away four songs, one from each of his albums. Just enter your details on the right hand side of this page and you will be sent the download link to the free tracks.

So enter your name and email address and download. You’ll be glad you did, because this definitely is music worth checking out.

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